Adoption Information

Are you considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy? If so, there are plenty of resources in the community to educate you on the process and help you along your adoption journey. Robbinsdale Women’s Center offers information and referrals regarding adoption when you make an appointment at our center.

The Upside of Placing for Adoption

There are many reason why women and couples choose adoption. Each situation is different, so the reasons may differ greatly. However, whatever reason you have for considering adoption is valid. This is your decision to make, so make it confidently!

One of the many reasons women choose adoption is that they don’t want to have an abortion, but aren’t ready for the responsibility of becoming a parent yet. Adoption may also be a viable option if you feel that you are too young to be a parent, you don’t want to be a single parent, you’re still in school, or don’t have the financial stability to support a child. If any of these scenarios fit your current situation, we encourage you to look into adoption.

How Does Adoption Work?

There are three different types of adoption: closed, semi-open, and open. These options allow you to choose how involved you are in your child’s life once they are born and given to a loving family. While everyone has their preferences of the type of adoption that’s best for them, many in the United States are open or semi-open. Whatever you choose, you have the ability to change your mind at any point during the process until the adoption is finalized.

How Can I Learn More?

There are many resources out there to learn more about adoption. The staff at Robbinsdale Women’s Center are happy to help you learn more about adoption and offer you support during an in-person appointment.

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