Unless you have an established legal financial obligation, such as marriage or domestic partnership, your health insurance is unlikely to cover your girlfriend. This means your insurance would not cover your girlfriend’s costs of abortion and any of her other medical services.

However, always check with your insurance provider for specific details on your plan.

Back to the Drawing Board: How Can You Help?

If your existing insurance plan will not extend to your girlfriend, you can help her find insurance in other ways. Pregnancy is a serious medical condition, so making sure she is covered by insurance is important.

Here are some options to help her explore:

1. Minnesota Assistance (MA) 

Medicaid programs are meant for those with low and very low incomes. If your girlfriend meets the requirements, she can apply for coverage here. Medicaid will only cover the cost of abortion in cases of rape, incest, life-endangerment, or other health and therapeutic reasons.

If your girlfriend is considering continuing her pregnancy, Minnesota Medicaid will also cover her and her future baby with related medical services if she meets the income requirements.

2. MinnesotaCare

If your girlfriend is still considered low income but has a greater income than what’s required for Minnesota Medicaid, she may be eligible for MinnesotaCare. She may not qualify if she’s enrolled in other kinds of coverages, but she must apply to find out.

MinnesotaCare only covers abortion in cases of rape, incest, life-endangerment, or to prevent substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.

Portico Health is a resource that can assist you in determining what type of coverage you may qualify for. Pregnancy medical assistance has higher income guidelines so this can be a helpful resource. Portico Health can also help your girlfriend complete and submit her application.

The Minnesota Department of Health lists additional resources for pregnant women here.

3. Employer-Sponsored Insurance Plans

Is your girlfriend currently employed or thinking about getting employed? If so, she should ask her employer if they offer any insurance plans or health benefits to reduce her financial burdens.

4. Individual Insurance Plans

Anyone qualifies for an individual insurance plan, but it involves shopping around. It’s also usually not the most cost-effective option since employer-sponsored plans tend to get better rates. 

Find Free Community Resources

While not the same as an insurance plan, centers like ours help women with the financial burdens of pregnancy by offering free pregnancy services, support, and resources. All of our services are offered at no cost with no insurance necessary. 

Schedule an appointment at Robbinsdale Women’s Center and we’ll provide free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to help her take her next best step. You are welcome to join her, and we can talk through available resources and assistance. 

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