Taking a pregnancy test can often come with a long list of questions. Whether you’re wondering when to take a pregnancy test or are curious about the difference between a blood and urine test, Robbinsdale Women’s Center is here to help!

What Is the Difference Between a Blood and Urine Pregnancy Test? 

While both urine and blood pregnancy tests can detect a pregnancy, it’s important to understand the difference and uses for each. 

Urine pregnancy tests use a sample of urine to detect the pregnancy hormone, hCG. The presence of hCG will reveal whether or not you are pregnant, but will not provide any other information about your pregnancy, such as the gestational age or whether it is a viable pregnancy.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning prior to eating or drinking for the most accurate results. If you are taking an at-home test, it’s crucial to follow the instructions carefully to avoid a false negative result.

In addition to identifying a pregnancy through detecting hCG, a blood test will also measure the exact levels of hormones, which will determine the gestational age of the pregnancy.

Follow up blood tests can also be performed to determine if your hCG levels have increased at a healthy rate. These tests can help your doctor identify any potential areas of concern, including nonviable pregnancies. 

What Kind of Pregnancy Test Should I Take? 

Determining whether you need a blood test or not can be difficult. We recommend first confirming your pregnancy with a lab-quality urine pregnancy test through your local pregnancy center. Your nurse will then be able to provide you with more information regarding next steps and help determine if a blood test is necessary. 

Not only are our tests administered by our trained staff, but they’re 99% accurate and offered at no cost to you!

After your test, a Robbinsdale Women’s Center staff member will explain your results and, if positive, provide you with a free ultrasound scan and information on all of the options and resources available to you through our center.

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