According to the American Psychological Association, 91% of Gen Z reported feelings of mental health complications in their lifetime. Mental health complications pose a severe threat to youth in America and around the world. 

Though this topic is hotly debated, some women experience real mental health effects like depression and anxiety from abortion. You may want to consider this when making a pregnancy choice. 

To determine if abortion is for you, you deserve to know the facts. There are real, documented mental health complications associated with having an abortion.

What is Mental Health?

According to the World Health Organization, “Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” 

Our mental health is intricately connected to what happens in our bodies. Abortion is often an invasive procedure, and many women have reported highly negative emotions in relation to their procedure (whether surgical or chemical).

The Correlation Between Abortion and Mental Health

A study conducted by David Fergusson, a leading medical researcher in New Zealand, shares that women who had abortions had rates of mental disorder that were about 30% higher than rates of mental health problems in other women. It also shares the other effects of abortion on mental health including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal behavior, and self-harm.

Psychotherapist Vincent Rue was one of the first to propose a link between abortion and mental health problems. In his study, “Induced Abortion and Traumatic Stress” researchers found:  

  • 65% of U.S. women experienced multiple symptoms associated with PTSD (which they attributed to their abortions)
  • 60% reported that they felt “part of me died” after their abortions.
  • 25% said they didn’t receive adequate counseling  
  • 64% said they felt pressured by others to abort 

The nature of abortion is complex. The effects of the procedure do not end when the abortion is complete. There are mental health, and physical health, complications that often arise. It is imperative that you are aware of the totality of risks prior to making an abortion decision because it is a major medical decision.

What Are Your Options?

Your three pregnancy options are abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

Be sure to confirm your pregnancy today with free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound exam at our Center to determine how far along you are, if you have a viable pregnancy, and if you have any pregnancy complications. Your ultrasound results will determine what kind of abortion you qualify for.

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