“Advocate and nurse took their time and made me feel comfortable.”
– B

“I was nervous at first but the staff was so friendly, I calmed down pretty quickly.”
– C

“I was listened to.”
– T

“I like how welcoming I felt and how fast the service was.”
– M

“All of my questions and concerns were answered.”
– L

“They were thorough and unbiased, nonjudgmental. Helped provide a safe place and enough time for women like me to make a decision.”
– O

“Women to talk to without judgement.”
– K

“Staff answers were honest and they answered my questions. Felt very comfortable.”
– MM

“Honest and caring service, answered all my questions.”
– SA

“Never pushed decision one way or another and always asked if I have questions.”
– KS

“Very neutral and informative, made me feel supported.”
– MH

“Very patient, informative, and made me feel at ease.”
– AT

“Very helpful on choices and gave me a lot of information.”
– TJ

“They listened, very gentle and understanding. I really liked them.”
– AD

“The staff and how comfortable they made me feel”
– AV

“I felt so safe and cared for.”
– KB

“How nice they were, wanted to make sure I know and understood options, seem genuinely concerned/interested in my well-being.”
– AW

“The women here made me feel so safe. No judgement felt at all!” “I would recommend this clinic over Planned Parenthood, their clinic is so cold and you feel judged. This clinic is so cozy.”
– AA

“Just so much welcome energy and no judgement and all resources and education I could need. Made me feel so much better. Seriously, I am so incredibly grateful this clinic exists and so grateful for the kind, informative, judgement-free care the staff provide. There are not many places like this for women.”
– AB

“I didn’t feel judged.”
– NM

“Very welcoming and understanding. Never pressured at all by any of the staff.”

“Loved everything about the center, very caring and understanding. Very professional and you don’t feel rushed.”

“You gals are doing a wonderful job here. Thank you for all the help.”

“Everyone was helpful, understanding, explained things well, nice.”

“Very calm and safe environment. Very helpful.”

“They were very understanding. Thank you! Everything that was said here today was helpful!”

“Everything was great, very thankful for the services provided today.”

“Felt comfortable & didn’t feel like a decision was being pushed upon me.  Thankful for the services provided here.  Also, for the politeness of the staff.”

“I just felt so safe and so supported. They focused on giving me information, not directing my choices. I’m just really grateful this exists and is free. Sexual health is something that can seem expensive and scary, this was such an encouragement!”

“I like that every staff was nice and helpful, had knowledge and was very professional.”
– JS

“They were really caring about my decision and supportive.”
– C

“I felt really listened to and cared about.”
– K

“They all understood my explanations and they were very nice and caring. This place has a very safe aura.”
– I

“Everyone is friendly and provides a safe environment.”
– P

“Kind people, knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, felt safe, good energy, clean.”
– C

“Very informative and caring staff.”
– H

“The fact they listened to what I wanted to do.”
– B

“I wasn’t judged, got a lot of information, very helpful.”
– V

“Caring and informative staff.”
– P

“Very understanding of my circumstances and answered any questions that I had.”
– K