Even though some time has passed since the historic overruling of Roe v. Wade, many people still have questions. As states determine what local abortion access should look like, the landscape continues to evolve.

Is Abortion Now Illegal in All 50 states?

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe, the media led many to believe this meant abortion was illegal in all 50 states overnight. 

The ruling simply handed the authority to each state to regulate, restrict, or protect abortion access.

Will Women be Able to Receive the Medical Care They Need?

Many are concerned this will restrict a woman’s access to life-saving healthcare. However, the Supreme Court ruling only affected abortion policies directly. 

It does not impact other procedures related to care for a natural miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or stillbirth. 

What Does This Mean for Minnesota?

The ruling does not impact abortion access in our state. Minnesota’s constitution protects abortion. The only way it would become illegal is through an amendment to the state constitution. 

Next Steps

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, so we want to help you decipher your options. You have three: abortion, making an adoption plan, or choosing to parent. We have resources and referrals to assist you.

You need to confirm your pregnancy first. At Robbinsdale Women’s Center, we offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. Ultrasounds give valuable information such as the pregnancy’s age, location, and viability. 

A pregnancy test only indicates the possibility of pregnancy. Since studies show up to 26% of pregnancies end naturally through miscarriage, you need an ultrasound to confirm viability. A viable pregnancy is growing with a detectable heartbeat.

We also offer a confidential consultation where you can discuss all your options in a pressure-free environment. Contact us today to schedule yours! 

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