An unexpected pregnancy during the holidays can add an extra layer of stress to an already hectic season. If you have not yet shared the news with your inner circle, you may feel the pressure to announce the news or to keep up appearances while you are struggling with early pregnancy symptoms.

Read this article for practical steps to make the most of the holiday season while protecting your mental health.

Set Boundaries

Only you know what you are up to right now. If some specific gatherings or parties are more taxing on you than others, then it is okay to opt out this year. You can politely decline an invitation without having to share all the details of your situation.

Pick events you feel comfortable attending and know you can handle. This is already stressful for you, so no need to add to it!

Decide How and When to Share the News

If your extended family doesn’t know the news about your pregnancy yet, you may feel pressured to share the news, but the decision of when and how to share this information is entirely up to you.

Assess your personal readiness and emotions and evaluate whether an upcoming holiday gathering is the right moment or if you prefer to wait for a more intimate setting. 

Consider confiding in at least one trustworthy friend or family member so you can rely on them for support until you decide on the best time.

Be Prepared

Even if you don’t share the news, people may ask if you are opting out of your favorite holiday eggnog or not eating certain things that may make you nauseous. 

If you share the news, they may be curious about your plans with good intentions, so be prepared for answers that only give what you are comfortable sharing. You can always say something like, “Thank you for asking, but I’m not prepared to talk about that right now,” if you are not ready to talk about it.

Next Steps

During the holiday season, it’s essential to prioritize self-care and engage in activities that bring you joy. With many holiday events and parties, navigating the unexpected addition of a pregnancy can feel overwhelming. 

At Crystal Women’s Clinic, we offer a calm, compassionate environment where you can learn more about your pregnancy and options. In addition to Free health screenings like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, We are a safe space where you can freely express and talk through any concerns and receive the emotional support you need.

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