While you may already feel overwhelmed at the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy, discussing it with your partner can feel incredibly daunting, especially if you are considering a termination.

Here are a few things to remember when you bring this up with your partner.

Know Your Rights

In the United States, only the woman must consent to an abortion. From a legal standpoint, she does not need the child’s father or your partner. Because abortion is a medical procedure, the woman has a right to privacy regarding her reproductive healthcare decisions.

Choose the Time and Place Carefully

When you feel ready to have the conversation, consider your partner by choosing a setting and time that allows them to relax and not feel pressured. For example, avoid public places, as that may not allow your partner to feel relaxed or react freely without feeling pressured.

Instead, choose a private, comfortable environment where you have plenty of time and can have an open and thoughtful discussion without external distractions.

It’s also okay to pace the conversation and take breaks. If you both disagree, this can be a heated discussion that is emotionally and physically draining. To keep your communication constructive, you may need to pause for even a few hours or days before resuming the conversation.

Decide How You Want to Handle Your Partner’s Input

While you legally do not need your partner’s consent for an abortion, their emotional support and input can be valuable during this difficult time. Consider how much you want to involve them in decision-making, and communicate your preferences. Be prepared to listen to their perspective, even if you make the final choice.

Next Steps

If you and your partner are open to discussing your options together, we provide free options consultations at Crystal Women’s Clinic. In addition to knowledgeable and discrete care, we offer no-cost services such as lab-quality pregnancy tests and limited obstetrical ultrasounds, which can give more pregnancy details, such as the gestational age and if your pregnancy is progressing.

You have hope, and many resources are available to help you and your partner navigate this. Contact us today!

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