An ultrasound is a great first step after confirming an unplanned pregnancy. While you may not have decided which option to pursue, an ultrasound can provide invaluable details like the pregnancy’s gestational age, location, and viability.

This information is crucial to help you make an informed decision. An ultrasound is a medical procedure that relies on high-frequency sound waves to bounce off tissues and bones and form a real-time image of a targeted area inside the body.

Read this article to learn more about how ultrasounds work and what to expect from this procedure.

Are Ultrasounds Safe?

According to the Mayo Clinic, ultrasounds use safe, low-power sound waves with no known risks, although they have limitations. Ultrasounds cannot always provide the visibility providers need, so a CT or MRI scan may be used in these cases.

Do I Need an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is the next recommended health screening if you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test. 

As many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, so an ultrasound can confirm if your pregnancy is still growing. The ultrasound will also reveal the location of the pregnancy, which can confirm whether or not the pregnancy is ectopic. 

If you are interested in learning about all your pregnancy options, the gestational age of the pregnancy will affect your options. The abortion pill is only FDA-approved for up to 10 weeks gestational age.

What Can I Expect if I Get an Ultrasound?

During a prenatal ultrasound, a trained sonographer will place the transducer on your abdomen (transabdominal) or insert it gently into your vagina (transvaginal).

The sonographer will place gel on the transducer and along your belly area if it’s a transabdominal ultrasound. They will then move the transducer slowly across your stomach so the sound waves can bounce off the pregnancy and create the sonogram image.

A transvaginal ultrasound is a similar experience to a pap smear. You’ll undress from the waist down and place your feet in stirrups so the sonographer can insert the lubricated transducer into your vagina and help guide it as the sonogram image is created.

Where Can I Get an Ultrasound?

We offer a range of free and confidential pregnancy services, such as ultrasounds. Our trained medical staff can perform the ultrasound and provide medically accurate information about your pregnancy’s progress. 

We provide a safe space for you to gather information, get connected to resources, and feel supported during your pregnancy journey. Contact us today to schedule an ultrasound!

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