Telling your parents that you’re pregnant can be nerve-wracking, but it’s an important step as you make your pregnancy plan. You may be worried about their reaction, but it’s important to remember that they care about you and will want what they think is best for you.

Read this article for suggestions on how to make the conversation as productive and positive as possible: 

Gather the Facts

You are not obligated to tell anyone right away. You may feel shocked, numb, or anxious. It is okay if you need a few days to catch your breath and not share the news with anyone. 

Once you have gotten your bearings, you will want to gather more information about your pregnancy. If you have not yet confirmed your pregnancy, you will want to take a reliable pregnancy test to eliminate any “what if” scenarios.

We offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. If you have already taken a positive pregnancy test, we provide lab-quality pregnancy tests where you can confirm with a second test, and receive a free ultrasound to give you vital information such as the age and the progression of the pregnancy.

This information will be helpful when delivering the news since there will likely be follow-up questions.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Before you tell your parents, make sure that you choose a place that will give you a quiet and calm environment for you to deliver the news without any interruptions.

Pick a time when you know everyone will be undistracted and as stress-free as possible so that they can be present and engaged when you share the news.

Be Honest and Direct

Once you’re ready to share the news, try to be as direct as possible. There’s no need to keep them in suspense but be straightforward about your pregnancy. 

You may feel a range of emotions when you discover you’re pregnant, so it’s okay to share that with your parents and perhaps expect them to react emotionally. 

Be honest about your feelings, listen to their concerns, and try to be open to their feedback if it’s delivered in a supportive manner. 

Ask for Support

You’re not alone in this journey! It’s okay to ask your parents for support and let them know how they can help you. 

However, if they start to pressure you towards a single pregnancy option, it is important to understand that the final decision is yours, whether your partner or family agrees or not.
However, try communicating with your family to understand each other better. At our clinic, we offer free options consultations where you can receive evidence-based education and learn about the different options in a confidential, compassionate environment. We are here to support you, so contact us today!

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