When our friends experience an unexpected pregnancy, we can feel lost on how to support them. Sometimes our friends are nervous and scared, and other times our friends are excited and nervous. The best way to support your friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy is to listen to her intently, support her loyally, and spend time with her consistently. Be with her often, and encourage her to make an empowered, informed decision.


Robbinsdale Women’s Center exists to offer free resources to women facing unexpected pregnancies, so they can be confident as they make their own pregnancy decisions.

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Helpful Tips for Supporting a Friend with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Listen Intently

Being a good listener isn’t always easy, but it proves to be foundational in a healthy friendship. When you offer your listening ears to a friend, you signal that they are worthy of your time and attention.


For a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, she needs others who will listen to her emotions. Pay attention to the feelings expressed in her words and tone. Ask questions about her feelings and the thoughts running in her mind. Listen to her heart without judgment and refrain from sharing advice; your compassion is what she needs more than anything. 


If she asks for your input, share with honesty. However, your gentle presence is likely what she really needs rather than your advice. 

Support Her

When our friends are in pain, we are in pain too. As her friend, supporting her through this life change requires your nearness, loyalty, and intentional, judgment-free listening.


Be creative in your support of your friend. If she enjoys receiving gifts, bring her something to let her know you are thinking of her. If she has a favorite activity, invite her to do something fun and out of the house. She will deeply appreciate your efforts to love and support her as she makes her pregnancy decision.

Help Her Schedule an Appointment

Your friend likely feels that she is unable to go to her appointments alone. This is entirely normal, and you can display your support by accompanying her to her appointment. Your presence can bring her comfort and empower her to make the right pregnancy decision for her unique situation.

We Exist for Your Friend

At Robbinsdale Women’s Center, we will provide your friend with free confidential pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. After verifying her pregnancy, a nurse will provide important information about the pregnancy’s viability, age, and location. 

Our kind and compassionate staff will guide her through any questions and offer support as she considers her options. Make an appointment with us today.

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