Whether you feel anguish, loss, or numbness from your experience, how you react to an abortion procedure is unpredictable. Regardless of your particular journey and how you feel after your abortion, you are not alone in your struggle.

The experience is different for everyone. However, some women have reported decreased self-esteem, grief, or depression. These negative emotions are especially true if you have previously struggled with your mental health.

The good news is you can recover from your abortion experience and find healing and wholeness again through intentional effort and with the proper support and resources.

Give Yourself Time and Space

When an abortion occurs, there is a shock to your hormonal system, and it can affect how you feel as your body regains its normal hormonal levels. 

As you navigate your post-abortive journey, give yourself time and space. Show yourself the same understanding and compassion you would show a friend. 

Do small things for yourself that make you happy. Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers, grab a coffee at the local coffee shop, or go on an outing with a friend. Make sure you don’t isolate yourself. 

Get Help From Your Support System

Whatever your reason for choosing abortion, you should not have to carry this alone. You don’t have to broadcast your decision to your entire family or friend group, but reach out to one or two trusted people and share your thoughts and feelings with them. 

Seek Post-Abortive Care 

In addition to your family and friends, we recommend seeking professional help. While having a solid support system is essential, having a trained professional who understands how difficult experiences affect your brain and thought patterns is irreplaceable.

At Robbinsdale Women’s Center, we offer a variety of referrals for post-abortive support and a safe, peer-supported space for you to process your emotions. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are eager to support you on your post-abortion journey. 

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